On my readings and my background:

In my personal reading of tarot cards I will help you to find clarity and to move forward.
I am reading with the Starlight Dragon Tarotdeck, which I co-developed with Nora Huszka. This deck reflects most accurately my own work, linking tarot and dragon power, which provide  the three “pillars” guiding me in my consulting work: (the client’s) empowerment, creativity and spirituality. I also read with the Waite-Smith Tarotdeck or a few other decks, if you are more comfortable with that.

A tarot reading brings awareness on unconscious issues, uncover aspects of your situation, which have remained unseen so far, clarify alternatives in decision-making and your action, open up pathways for or reinforce your creativity and spirituality.

You benefit from my skill and knowledge, resulting from long training and practice, including studying the 2 year Hekademia course of Marcus Katz plus many other courses of the Tarosophy Tarot Association and from my rich life experience.

I read in German and English, in person (Solingen, Germany) or I will send your reading by e-mail to you (images of the spread plus text or video-interpretation). On your order and payment I will send you a confirmation and the approx. date when you may expect your reading, usually within 2-3 days

If you feel you need something not covered in my list of readings below, please contact me on steph.engert@starlight-dragon-press.eu or per PN on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/steph.engert.sg. I use a wide variety of methods and I am happy to propose a solution for your requirement.


1. 4-card- Snapshot reading with the Starlight Dragon: Overview of current situation:


2. Card Reading: The Flying Dragon (6 cards) – which energies play out in your life at present and where are you headed


Year-ahead Horocope Spread (12 card + 1 summary)

Horoscope Spread