Offerings for the coming feast days: Xmas, Winter Solstice, New Year

  1. Starlight Dragon Tarot Deck and Companion Book “Travelling with the Starlight Dragons” – English edition at – 10% rebate from our shop :

2) Card Readings with the Starlight Dragons: If ordering from outside Solingen (my home town, where I can read personally for you), you will get a video recording of my reading and the picture of the spread via e-mail. You can also ask for a gift coupon if you buy the reading for a friend, family member etc.

Horoscope Spread

Horoscope Spread 12+1 Cards – to see the main energies from your Starlight Dragons for your year ahead month by month.

Horoscope Spread 60,00 EUR

Special “The Treasure Hunt”: Search with the Starlight Dragons for your ‘Treasure’ for 2020 – throughout the 4 worlds!
This is a very special card-reading to find what is most important for you in 2020!

This is a special 2-step method invented for the Starlight Dragon Deck.
First you determine the “world” of your treasure, then I cast and interpret your seven-card quest in that world.


The 4 Aces:


Treasure Hunt 50 EUR


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