Winter Solstice 21-12-2018 – Our cards

The longest night of the year, the deepest dark from which is born the new light, the begin of day light hours growing through the winter towards spring. Farewell to the dark part of the year cycle and welcome to … Read More

Happy Beltane!

I read this week about this full moon as the “transforming Moon”, really very apt for it being in Scorpio. The weather outside is wild and more autumnal than spring. But this fits so well! The violent winds blowing up … Read More

Year-Ahead Reading with the Starlight Dragons

Your special Dragon-Messages for 2018! See how the energies flow in your life in 2018. Delve deep into the world of magick inhabited by dragons. Allow them to guide you to your powers in 2018. Spread of 12 cards plus … Read More

Halloween/Samhain Reading: The Starlight Dragon Special

To celebrate Samhain, the ancient Celtic feast of beginning winter and access to the world of spirit and magick, I am offering the “Flying Dragon” for readings between now and Monday 18th, the next New Moon (which happens to be … Read More