Offerings for the coming feast days: Xmas, Winter Solstice, New Year

Starlight Dragon Tarot Deck and Companion Book “Travelling with the Starlight Dragons” – English edition at – 10% rebate from our shop : 2) Card Readings with the Starlight Dragons: If ordering from outside Solingen (my home town, where … Read More

Message of Starlight Dragons from December 1st – Advent-Sunday I

At the threshold of transiting from the celebration of Death and our meetings with ancestors and spirits in November to the expectation of the returning light (Winter solstice) the bright stars in the deep velvet of winter night skies are … Read More

Message from the Starlight Dragons for the week from August 24th 2019

The World-Dragon (XXI) at the base draws you towards a profoundly new phase of development, outer and inner. It calls for a fundamental renewal and openness to vast new vistas in your inner cosmos (Star XVII at the top). The … Read More

Message from the Starlight Dragons for the week starting August 17th

In the now waning light of the first harvest moon of the year (full moon on 15th) you get aware of what needs adjusting or even re-organising in your important projects, maybe even in your life! (7 of Coins at … Read More

Message from the Starlight Dragons week starting 27th July 2019

In this week we celebrate Lughnasad, the celebrationof abundance, the first harvest. The Hierophant Dragon (V) at the base reminds us to consider what we lived through and what we experienced and worked upon – and what we learnt from … Read More

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