Winter Solstice 21-12-2018 – Our cards

The longest night of the year, the deepest dark from which is born the new light, the begin of day light hours growing through the winter towards spring. Farewell to the dark part of the year cycle and welcome to the new hopeful growth.
Here are my cards for this day:

The three cards below: the forces/energies gathered at this important point of transition and feeding the “Cup” of the next three cards from which the light is reborn (the 2 cards above):

Energies gathering: XIV, V, 10 Cups: Love and Learning, tempered in an alchemical process form the Cup of fresh creative energy – ongoing transformation (XIII, sifting and cutting the obsolete, opening space) for a new broad wave of ongoing, diligent work/personal creative manifestation (8 Coins) in a decisive and innovative way (The dragon of the Ace of Swords, the Key card for the new beginnings).

Old thought patterns are shattered (10Sw) and from the shards are reborn options and choices (VI), especially for learning and teaching (The VI forming a uniting frame with Hierophant, the dragon of learning and teaching in the bottom row).

If you would like this reading for you personally or as a present for a friend, it is available for ordering for 45 EUR until Wednesday 26th December. Please, do include your birthday, so I can choose your year card for the middle position of the energies feeding the spread from below.

Readings are done and sent until Dec 26th midnight CET. You will receive the photo and the text similar to the example posted above.