Weiberfastnacht with the Starlight Dragon Deck

Weiberfastnacht with the Starlight Dragon Deck

In the Rhineland and nearby regions today we celebrate Weiberfastnacht (Women’s Carnival). At 11:11 a.m. power is seized by the women (symbolised by the key of he City Hall given up by the Mayor).

This is why we share today those cards from the deck fitting the occasion:

The Empress in the centre represents the “Great Mother” in all her ‘faces’: the nurturer,  mother nature, the wild woman,  the lady of life and death etc.)

We surround her with the Queens from the suits: top/North: the Queen of Coins (Earth), right/East: the Queen of Swords (Air), let/West: Queen of Cups (Water)  und bottom/South: Queen of Wands (Fire)

Together they form a mandala of women’s power and this works far beyond carnival.

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