The Hermit on the New Moon in Virgo

Today at New Moon in Virgo with an assembly of Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo too, it seems apt to contemplate the Hermit once again. Place the Hermit on the table before you and take from the deck the Sun (XIX), the Magician (I) for Mercury, the Empress (III for Venus) and the Tower (XVI Mard). Shuffle these four cards on the question which quality do I need to attract from this planetary constellation at this New Moon to come closer to my true self?

Put the four shuffled cards without looking at them face down above the Hermit. Continue to contemplate the Hermit-Dragon in relation to yourself. How can you get closer to being the one who walks in her/his own light in this lunar month? Which planet of those presently in Virgo is the most helpful for you, which of these planetary dragons should you pay attention to and ask to be your companion on this part of your path? Put your digit lightly on the Hermit and allow him to guide you to one of the cards above. Turn this card face up for your answer.