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Logodesign: Matthias Furch, Bombye
Foto Steph Engert:, Christian Beier, Solinger Tageblatt

Serie: Five Dragons für “Encountering Dragons/Begegnungen mit Drachen, Nora Huszka

Bilder aus dem Starlight Dragon Deck, Nora Huszka.

Data Protection (DSGVO)

Responsible person:

Steffi Engert, Starlight Dragon Press


As a publishing house and organizer of events such as tarot conferences and courses Starlight Dragon Pess only gathers and processes personal data, necessary to process book sales and events, typically names, addresses and payment information.  These data are not transferred to any third parties and are not published. .

Deletion or block of data

We follow principles of keeping the gathering of data to the minimum and keep saved personal data only as long as necessary for the purposes they were gathered or to fulfill legal requirements. As soon as these purposes are fulfilled and legal requirements are no longer in force, we bllock or delete these data in accordance with legal requirements. i

Your rights to information, correction, blocking or deleting you data and objection

You have the right to request information about your personal data gathered by us or that they are corrected, blocked or deleted, if deletion is not precluded by legal requirements. Please, contact the responsible person mentioned above.

In order to be able to block your data on request, they ned to be included in a special blockage file. You can also request the deletion of the data, if there is not legal obligation to keep them archived. If that is the case, your data will be blocked.

Change or repeal of your  consent  to us saving and processing your data can be sent to us at any time.

Use of Script libraries  (Google Webfonts) on our website

On this website we ise script libraries such as Google Webfonts ( These are transferred to the cache of your browser. If Google Webfonts is not supported by the browser or the browser stops accesss, contents are shown in standard fonts. Otherwise access to script libraries involves a link to the carrier of library and this may involve the transfer of data to this carrier.

The data protection policy of the library carrier Google is here:

Use of Google Maps

This webiste uses Google maps to show geographic data visually.  If Google Maps are used, Google gathers and uses data of the user. For more details, please  refer to the data protection policies of Google (see previous paragraph)

Changes in our data protection policy statement

We reserve our right to adapt our rstatement on data protection to keep it compatible with legal requirements or changes in our service offerings.

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