Happy Beltane!

I read this week about this full moon as the “transforming Moon”, really very apt for it being in Scorpio.
The weather outside is wild and more autumnal than spring. But this fits so well!
The violent winds blowing up all stuckness and blowing off all that is obsolete, bringing in the power of growth and change.
I opened a little ceremony and sit now with candles and incense to see what the dragon cards can show me:
I search through my shuffled deck to the first 2 Majors and lay them for the two powers united at Beltane:
The Sun-God: VIII representing Leo, the forward driving fire and warmth to move my intentions with determination and force
The goddess for care and cultivation appears to me in the severe aspect of XI Justice
Next I draw a card for what is stuck: the 3 Cups, the flow of creativity and cooperation on a deep-felt basis is what is stuck at the moment.
I draw another 3 cards for  the process of releasing a new transformative dynamic:
Princess (or Page) of Swords, the Empress and the Chariot: the Princess emphasises the “sword” and cutting message of Justice and to start without hesitation on this new Path, which is welcomed and supported by the Empress, the growing and cultivating aspect of Goddess, which will work its benefits only when the reins of the Chariot are taken firmly and decisively.
So the transformation runs from the dry run cups to the harsh decisiveness of the Swords (so much strengthened by Justice to the care of the Empress and and the breaking free in the Chariot. Strength and the Chariot (Fire and Water as the card corresponds to Cancer) frame the whole reading. The water of the cups would remain sterile if the fire of Strength and Leo were not active in the process and the will (fire) was not hardened and directed by the Swords.