Message from the Starlight Dragons week starting 27th July 2019

In this week we celebrate Lughnasad, the celebrationof abundance, the first harvest. The Hierophant Dragon (V) at the base reminds us to consider what we lived through and what we experienced and worked upon – and what we learnt from … Read More

Spread: “As below so above”

With this spread you discover how a situation in your everyday life i reflected ‘above’ (beyond/in the immaterial world) and how you can benefit from these energies from above to solve the situation below: 1. Shuffle your Starlight Dragon Deck … Read More

Starlight Dragon and an exclusive spread on

Djamila Zon, editor of the tarot-reviewing site invited me to presen the  Starlight Dragon deck and my book “Travelling with Starlight Dragons and to gift  an exclusive practice of the deck. As a pretaste to a more advanced book, … Read More

The Hermit on the New Moon in Virgo

Today at New Moon in Virgo with an assembly of Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo too, it seems apt to contemplate the Hermit once again. Place the Hermit on the table before you and take from the deck … Read More