Beltane-Greetings and Scorpio Full Moon

Yesterday on the May full moon, I took part in the Beltane Ceremony of my Druid friend, Saga Grünwald, which was also the Welcome for her new dog Hermes.
Beltane was very important for me this year and so the ceremony of renewal and fertility touched me deeply. Also, so did the the Scorpio full moon.
Here the cards for the day (and still today, and perhaps even more for the new start into summer):

Full Moon in Scorpio -Sun in Taurus
Starlight Dragon Deck

In the Starlight Dragon Tarot the Moon represented by the High Priestess (II) is very dark, for the deep mysteries she keeps hidden and reveals, if never totally. In this full moon in Scorpio, she meets the ruler of Death and the Underworld, also Renewal in Ereshkigal, the Mesopotamian “Lady of Below”, to whom we dedicated this card. The Sun is in Taurus, which has its planetary ruler in Venus, the Empress in the Tarot.

The dark cards II and XIII remind us, how the glory of the goddess (Venus), which now explodes in nature with the blooms and greens, the growth, the hope of life, is the result of long preparation and growth processes in the dark, the night, the inside of the ground, how the roots of fertility are hidden and grow in the unknown until they break open into manifestation.

And this goes for our spiritual and creative fertility, too. This I want to celebrate with you today. You will see the bright sun-shine and the flowers,blooms, trees and birds and bees even brighter when you consider their dark, nightly, underground origins. The dark powers bringing them forward and out.