Autumn of Clarity

The clear autumn weather today (sun, blue sky cold) led me to ask the cards, what will be important in this still very young season:
The energies shown by the four cards in the middle, rise from he basis (or earth at the bottom), 9 of Coins (the ‘garden’ and our rest in it), from a moment of blissful rest after our harvest work to the 10 Swords, clarity of thought, after clearing out obsolete thought patterns to start a fresh period of planning nw projects. We are helped by relying and realising our will, which we balanced and re-oriented at last week’s equinox (6 of Swords on the left) and the patience, knowing and feeling, who will guide us through these processes ‘naturally’.
The four cards on the outside, which are laid differently show:
left: what we should leave behind: XVIII Moon: the confusion of clarity because it seems “easier”, more comfortable
top: the energy, we should activate specifically: 2 Swords – to think carefully and weigh our decisions, but then also decide
right: what we might expect or even get as a surprise: 4 Cups: a harmonising in the flow of our emotions and new inspirations.
bottom: what we should “turn around” and transform: 3 of Swords: accept injuries consciously as lessons and then let them turn into scars.