Our First Edition: Encountering Dragons

Full of pride, joy and gratitude towards our authors and illustrators we present our first book and the launch of this page.

“”Encountering Dragons”/”Begegnungen mit Drachen” is a bilingual anthology of stories and poems by seven authors from different countries collected in a paperback of some 150 pages with original illustrations by Nora Huszka (“Gypsy Place Tarot”), and Sean Woodward plus a photo by Grünwald Greenwood). The paperback is available at Lulu.com or from me directly. The regular price is 11 EUR (13 with postage if ordered from me within Europe).

A short overview over the contents from the editor’s foreword:

The stories and poems assembled here depict a wide variety of “takes” on dragons. The originality of these poems and stories testify to the vitality of dragons, which continue to intrigue and inspire as they have been doing through the ages and in all parts of the world.

Lyn Birkbeck opens the dance with a his personal account of the “Dragon in Me” – his experience of recognizing and coming to grips with his “Dragonhood”, touching on many aspects of dragon – especially the dark – ascribed and real. He also points out, where with the help of his craft astrology, the inner dragon may be found.

Greenwood and Sean Woodward bring their own special ‘twist’ to traditional dragon topics:
In “Mysterious Rescue”, Greenwood presents us her own variation on the legend of St. Margaret and the dragon; her poem, “Carantoc”, provides an alternative view of the ubiquitous dragon slayer theme.
In “A Touch of Dragons” Sean Woodward takes us to the end of the heroic age of dragon-slayers knights and the dragons’ withdrawal to the realm of myth.

“The Last Day” by Jon Kaneko-James, on the other hand, tells a grim tale of the return of a dragon-age.

The poem “The Blue and Green Dragon” by Greenwood reminds us of the transformative powers of dragons.

The longing for transformation, but also its price, is the core of Brina Katz’ account of the “Tails of the Riverbank”, for which she invented a hitherto unknown species of intelligent lizards.

Sissy Pantelis’ “Sonata for a Lost Key” introduces us to the connection of dragons with our inner struggle for our creativity and authenticity.

My own two pieces “The wise old Dragon and the Fool” and “Initiation” concluding the collection show dragons (and serpents) as spiritual guides.